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Imagine embarking on a long trip only to find that your bike refuses to start. How annoying would that be! To enjoy a hassle free ride it is crucial to invest in the right bike battery. A battery is a very important part of the bike that helps to kickstart the engine and put the bike in motion.  Radix is a leading bike battery manufacturer in Meerut  that offers high quality batteries for your bikes. 

In this blog we are going to dive into what makes Radix a reliable bike battery manufacturer for your bikes.

1. We are backed with the latest technology 

Radix manufacturers its batteries in hi-tech manufacturing facilities to ensure high efficiency. We use fine quality raw materials, sturdy battery containers and unique paste formulation that come together and deliver superior performance for  your bikes. 

2. We ensure comfort even for rough roads

Our batteries have high vibration resistance and perform smoothly even in adverse conditions. Get the power to glide on the rough roads filled with potholes and bumps. Our batteries with high abrasion resistance are sturdy enough to withstand the vibrations due to shocks. 

3. Weathers will change but not the performance of our batteries

Our batteries remain resilient in all weather conditions. Whether riding on scorching summer or chilly winter seasons, our batteries offer smooth performance to tackle the challenges of the weather. Ride with peace of mind and take on the road no matter what the weather is.

best bike battery manufacturer

4. Our batteries require very low maintenance  

Our batteries are low in maintenance and are designed to provide you a hassle free ride thus saving you valuable time and effort. With low water topping requirements our batteries are ready to empower your bikes with superior power.

5.We deliver uninterrupted power for a quick start

Say no to interruptions and get an instant start for all your journeys with the high cranking capacity of our bike batteries. Being a reliable bike battery manufacturer, our batteries guarantee smooth power delivery and ensure that your ride is amazing.

6. Versatility and Compatibility:

Our bike batteries are available in different types and sizes, and cater to the requirements of different models. We offer a wide range of options in bike batteries.


A bike battery is the vital source of power for your bikes. Invest in a good quality bike battery and enjoy your journeys. Radix is one of the best bike battery manufacturers in Meerut that provides reliable bike batteries with long life and high performance.Say not to unexpected battery failures and interruptions in your journeys with Radix bike batteries.

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