Powering Your Ride: Top Qualities to Look for in E-Rickshaw Batteries – A Buyer’s Guide

At Radix, a leading E-rickshaw battery manufacturer in India, we understand your e-rickshaw is your livelihood. A reliable and long-lasting battery is essential for efficient operations and maximum earning potential. But with so many options available, choosing the right E-rickshaw battery can be overwhelming. Worry not! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an E-rickshaw Battery:

  1. Battery Type: There are two main contenders in the E-rickshaw battery arena:
    1. Lead-Acid Batteries: These are the more budget-friendly option, known for their durability and ease of maintenance. However, they tend to be heavier and have a shorter lifespan compared to their counterparts.
    2. Lithium-Ion Batteries: While more expensive upfront, Lithium-ion batteries offer significant advantages. They are lighter, boast longer lifespan, and provide faster charging times.
  2. Battery Capacity and Range: The battery’s capacity, measured in Ampere-hours (Ah), determines the distance your e-rickshaw can travel on a single charge. Consider your daily travel needs and choose a battery with sufficient capacity to avoid frequent recharging. Always factor in a buffer for unexpected situations.
  3. Voltage Compatibility: The battery voltage needs to match your e-rickshaw’s motor voltage for optimal performance. Consult your e-rickshaw manual or consult a technician to determine the required voltage.
  4. Safety Features: Since E-rickshaw batteries deal with electricity, safety is paramount. Look for batteries with built-in safety features like overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and thermal management systems.
  5. Warranty and After-Sales Service: A reputable E-rickshaw battery manufacturer in India will offer a comprehensive warranty on their products. Additionally, readily available after-sales service ensures prompt assistance in case of any issues.

Radix: Your Partner in Reliable E-rickshaw Power

At Radix, we manufacture E-rickshaw batteries with the finest materials, prioritizing safety, performance, and longevity. Our batteries are designed to withstand the demands of daily use, keeping your e-rickshaw running smoothly for extended periods.

We recommend contacting your local Radix dealer to discuss your specific requirements and find the perfect E-rickshaw battery for your needs.

Remember, investing in a high-quality E-rickshaw battery from a trusted manufacturer like Radix translates to long-term savings, optimal performance, and peace of mind.

Revolutionizing E-Rickshaws: The Power of Radix Batteries

In the fast-paced world of urban transportation, the rise of electric rickshaws (e-rickshaws) has been a game-changer, providing a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional modes of transport. At the heart of this revolution is the Radix E-rickshaw battery – a reliable and efficient power source that is reshaping the landscape of eco-friendly commuting.

1. Introduction to Radix E-rickshaw Battery

Radix E-rickshaw batteries stand out as a beacon of innovation, offering a dependable power solution for e-rickshaws. These batteries play a pivotal role in promoting environmentally friendly transportation, addressing the pressing need for sustainable mobility solutions. In an era where climate change concerns are paramount, the significance of a reliable battery cannot be overstated.

2. High Performance and Durability

Designed with precision and performance in mind, Radix E-rickshaw batteries excel in delivering high performance and durability. Engineered to withstand the rigors of tough operating conditions, these batteries ensure a smooth and reliable ride for both e-rickshaw drivers and passengers. The robust construction of Radix batteries speaks volumes about their ability to endure the challenges of daily commuting.

3. Advanced Technology

What sets Radix batteries apart is their incorporation of advanced technology. Featuring a deep cycle design and high-quality components, these batteries boast a longer lifespan and improved efficiency. The deep cycle design allows for repeated discharging and recharging cycles, making them ideal for the demanding nature of e-rickshaw operations. The integration of cutting-edge technology ensures that Radix batteries remain at the forefront of energy storage solutions for sustainable transportation.

4. Local Manufacturing in Meerut

An aspect that adds to the credibility of Radix E-rickshaw batteries is their local manufacturing in Meerut. This strategic decision not only ensures proximity to the growing market but also taps into the wealth of local expertise. Meerut’s manufacturing infrastructure plays a crucial role in producing high-quality batteries that meet the specific demands of the e-rickshaw industry.

5. Contribution to the Local Economy

The presence of Radix E-rickshaw battery manufacturers in Meerut goes beyond providing a reliable power source. It actively contributes to the local economy by creating job opportunities and supporting the growth of the e-rickshaw industry. This symbiotic relationship between the manufacturer and the community fosters economic development and strengthens the foundation of sustainable transportation.

6. Reliable After-Sales Service

Choosing a manufacturer in Meerut for Radix E-rickshaw batteries comes with the added benefit of reliable after-sales service. Local service centers ensure prompt maintenance and repairs, minimizing downtime for e-rickshaw operators. The convenience of accessible support adds an extra layer of assurance for those relying on Radix batteries for their daily commute.

7. Commitment to Sustainability

Radix E-rickshaw batteries embody a commitment to sustainability by reducing carbon emissions and decreasing dependence on fossil fuels. The role of Meerut-based manufacturers in promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions is pivotal. Radix not only provides a power source but actively contributes to the larger mission of creating a greener and cleaner environment.

8. Customer Testimonials

The true measure of any product’s success lies in the satisfaction of its users. E-rickshaw owners and drivers who have experienced the benefits of Radix batteries share overwhelmingly positive testimonials. They praise the performance, reliability, and overall satisfaction derived from using Radix E-rickshaw batteries, underscoring their pivotal role in the success of the e-rickshaw industry.

In conclusion, Radix E-rickshaw batteries emerge as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the realm of sustainable transportation. From high performance and durability to advanced technology and local manufacturing, Radix batteries not only power e-rickshaws but also drive the wheels of progress toward a cleaner, greener future. As the e-rickshaw revolution gains momentum, Radix stands firm as a symbol of excellence, shaping the landscape of urban mobility for generations to com

Tips for maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of E-rickshaw batteries

How to Maintain Your Electric Rickshaw Battery

1. Proper Charging: Charge the battery regularly using the recommended charger and avoid overcharging or undercharging. This helps maintain the battery’s capacity and prevents premature aging.

2. Temperature Control: Keep the battery within the optimal temperature range, typically between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Extreme temperatures can degrade the battery’s performance and lifespan.

3. Regular Inspections: Check the battery for any signs of damage, such as bulging or leakage. Clean the terminals and connections periodically to ensure good electrical conductivity.

4. Avoid Deep Discharge: Try to avoid completely draining the battery before recharging. Deep discharges can strain the battery and reduce its overall capacity over time. Aim for partial charges instead.

5. Balanced Usage: Distribute the load evenly across all the batteries in the E-rickshaw, if applicable. This helps prevent overloading and ensures that each battery is utilized optimally.

6. Proper Storage: If the E-rickshaw will be inactive for an extended period, store the battery in a cool and dry place. It’s recommended to keep the battery at around 50% charge during storage to maintain its health.

7. Avoid Overloading: Adhere to the weight capacity guidelines of the E-rickshaw to prevent excessive strain on the batteries. Overloading can lead to reduced battery performance and a shorter lifespan.

8. Regular Maintenance: Schedule routine maintenance checks with a qualified technician to ensure the battery is in good condition. We can perform tests, clean the battery, and identify any potential issues early on.

Remember, following these tips can help maximize the lifespan of your E-rickshaw batteries and ensure their optimal performance.

To conclude, taking proper care of E-rickshaw batteries is essential for their longevity and optimal performance. By following the tips mentioned earlier, such as proper charging, temperature control, regular inspections, and balanced usage, you can ensure that your batteries last longer and provide reliable power for your E-rickshaw.

Speaking of battery manufacturers, Radix is a renowned company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality inverter batteries and E-rickshaw batteries in India. We have a strong presence in Meerut and are known for their reliable and durable battery products. If you’re looking for a reputable battery manufacturer for your E-rickshaw or inverter needs, Radix is worth considering.

Remember, choosing a reliable battery manufacturer like Radix can make a significant difference in the performance and lifespan of your batteries. So, when it comes to finding the right battery for your needs, Radix is a trusted name in the industry and a reliable inverter battery manufacturer in Meerut.

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5 Tips for E-Rickshaw Battery to Maximize Efficiency & Lifestyle

As the demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions surges, electric rickshaws or e-rickshaws have emerged as a popular choice in India. These vehicles offer a sustainable alternative to conventional rickshaws and contribute to reducing carbon emissions. But as you know an e-rickshaw battery being the most important part, acts as its heart and it needs to be taken care of. So, here are some important tips to maximize your e-rickshaw battery’s efficiency & lifespan.

1. Regular Maintenance for Optimal Performance:

Regular maintenance is the essence of a long-lasting e-rickshaw battery. Make it a habit to conduct routine checks and upkeep, including:


Keep the battery and its terminals clean and free from debris, dust, or corrosion. A simple wipe with a dry cloth can prevent unwanted buildup.

-Visual Inspection: 

Regularly inspect the battery for physical damages, leaks, or loose connections. Address any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.

-Water Levels: 

Maintain the appropriate water levels by checking and replenishing distilled water as needed, without overfilling.

2. Adhere to Proper Charging Practices:

Charging your e-rickshaw battery correctly is vital to its health and longevity, make sure you take care to:

-Avoid Overcharging: 

Overcharging can lead to battery damage and reduced capacity. Opt for smart chargers equipped with automatic cutoff mechanisms to prevent overcharging.

-Timely Charging: 

Charge your e-rickshaw regularly and avoid fully depleting the battery before recharging. Aim for charging levels between 20% and 80% for optimal battery life.

-Temperature Considerations: 

Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can negatively impact battery performance. Provide sheltered charging stations to shield the batteries from harsh weather conditions.

3. Opt Efficient Usage Habits:

Your driving habits directly influence the battery’s lifespan. Opt for these efficient usage habits:

-Smooth Acceleration: 

Practice smooth acceleration and avoid sudden starts or stops to reduce stress on the battery and enhance its longevity.

-Balanced Load Distribution: 

Distribute passengers and goods evenly within the e-rickshaw to maintain proper weight distribution, preventing unnecessary strain on the battery during rides.

-Avoid Overloading: 

Always adhere to the recommended weight capacity of the vehicle to prevent overloading, which can accelerate battery wear.

4. Opt for Quality Batteries:

Invest in a high-quality e-rickshaw battery for long-term performance. At Radix, we take pride in producing reliable and efficient batteries tailored for e-rickshaw applications. Choosing a reputable battery manufacturer ensures that you get the best value for your investment and a battery that endures the test of time.

5. Educate and Train Drivers

Equip your e-rickshaw drivers with the knowledge to maximize battery life. Organize training sessions to educate them about efficient driving techniques, the importance of regular maintenance, and the significance of proper charging practices. A well-informed driver will be instrumental in ensuring the longevity of your e-rickshaw battery.

Make sure you follow these 5 crucial tips: regular maintenance for optimal performance, adhere to proper charging practices, adopt efficient usage habits, invest in quality batteries, and educate drivers. Together, embrace greener transportation solutions for a sustainable future. Radix is a leading E-Rickshaw battery company in UP, India offering high-quality batteries that offer high performance. 

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How E-rickshaws work: Parts & Working Principle

Want To Know About How E-rickshaws work?

Traffic congestion and pollution are major issues in India and around the world, and they are only going to get worse in the upcoming years. There has been a lot of pressure on the automotive industry to provide better, more environmentally friendly vehicles. According to the latest policies, the Indian government is looking for a means to expand environmentally and economically responsible public transport options. 

Though big cities like Kolkata and Delhi have mass transit options in terms of Metro, it lacks last minute connectivity. Therefore, known as special purpose vehicles, the E-Rickshaws have gained popularity in urban, semi urban and rural areas equally. 

How E-rickshaws work

Since 2010, E-Rickshaws have been replacing pulled rickshaws and petrol/diesel/CNG auto-rickshaws in semi urban areas for the first and last mile of connectivity to bus stops, metro stations, etc. The following factors greatly contributed to the rise of E-Rickshaws:

1. Low operating cost

2. Reduced human labour

3. Environmentally friendly

4. Reaches every road, nook and corner

5. Minimal fares and reasonable profit

The ultimate cost of an E-Rickshaw is between Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 1,50,000 and it is manufactured in an unorganized sector based on the customisation of the drivers. India, Bangladesh and China especially has seen tremendous rise in the number of E-Rickshaws on road. 

How does an E-Rickshaw operate? 

1# In contrast to traditional auto rickshaws, the suspension system, battery, and DC motor are what makes the E-Rickshaw operate. It has a brush less DC motor with a power range of 650 to 1400 Watts and a differential system at the back wheels.

2# The primary electronic components that make up an E-Rickshaw in India are the motor, controller, harness, batteries, and throttle. Any mismatch between these elements is undesirable and could have a negative impact on performance. 

3# The M.S. (Mild Steel) Chassis, which is a 3-wheel design with a differential at the rear wheels, is used to construct e-rickshaws.

4# From passenger segments to cargo carriers, body designs differ. Depending on the type of operation, these are built to support weights between 400 and 500 kg.

Parts & working principle

The batteries are considered one of the most important parts that makes an E-Rickshaw operate efficiently. The majority of batteries used have a lead acid/lithium ion lifespan of 6 to 12 months. Most often, deep discharge/cycle batteries made for EVs are used. 

The body is kept lightweight to extend the life of the battery. But batteries need to be replaced every few months. The durability of the set of batteries depends on their quality. Therefore it is of crucial importance that the battery is chosen from a trusted E-Rickshaw Battery Manufacturer

Radix is a reputed E-Rickshaw Battery Manufacturer in India renowned for providing durable, reliable and low maintenance batteries that are highly efficient.

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Analyzing The Economic Benefits Of Using E-rickshaw Batteries

Lately, the most common vehicle to be seen when going out is an electric rickshaw or an E-rickshaw. Their numbers are only increasing everyday. Electric rickshaws run on electricity supplied through batteries. They are highly efficient and cost effective. Also, they are eco friendly. They have become pretty common and popular in the recent years due to their easy use and economic benefits making them more sustainable and affordable with very less to zero maintenance. 

Unlike traditional rickshaws that run on petrol or diesel, e-rickshaws are powered by rechargeable batteries, making them an affordable mode of transportation. It is very important to analyze the economic benefits of an electric rickshaw battery.

Cost-Savings: E-Rickshaws vs. Traditional Rickshaws

The most important benefit of using and promoting electric rickshaw batteries is its impact on the cost savings. E rickshaw batteries are cheaper than their counterparts such as vehicles that run on petrol and diesel. Their operating cost and maintenance is also cheaper compared to other modes of transportation. The cost of fuel and diesel is increasing everyday, therefore, it is very important to look for substitutes for both E-rickshaw drivers and the passengers. 

Revenue Generation: E-Rickshaws as a Business Opportunity

E rickshaws can become and offer an excellent business opportunity for people looking to start a business and generate revenue. They can be used for various purposes including transportation, delivery advertising and many more. Many big and small cities all across India are now implementing various laws and providing subsidies for drivers choosing to drive an electric rickshaw.

The best thing about driving an electric rickshaw is its ability and versatility which is used for both short and long distance ranges and trips making them ideal for both urban and rural areas. They are being opted by many delivery services be it food industry or courier industry. The most common use is still in taking commuters from one place to another in almost the same time taken by the other traditional vehicles. The drivers charge less than the people who drive traditional vehicles that run on fuel like petrol and diesel.

As much as E-rickshaws are helpful for the economic benefits of the country, many drivers were not ready to switch to E-rickshaws. Partly because, there weren’t many charging stations available to charge the electric batteries once they got discharged. The charging stations were very limited in numbers. But that has changed in the upcoming years and the government is making sure that there are enough charging stations available and the drivers should not face any problem in driving the e-rickshaws. Radix being one of the best E-Rickshaw battery manufacturers in India provides efficient and long lasting batteries that stay charged for longer durations and give you the satisfaction of driving an electric rickshaw.